Affordable Hair Transplant with Awesome Success Rate in India

The hair loss or baldness problem is a major concerning issue that must be considered on the treatment basis if you are genetically predisposed to receive the baldness. All over the world, people are affected by the hair loss/baldness and headed towards the hair transplant clinics where they can get the best results.

If we talk about hair transplant destination in hair transplant london Asians countries, India weighs the top position and the options like hair transplant in Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Malaysia or Indonesia also into the row, but doesn’t share the prime option in terms of cost, expertise and cutting-edge technology.

The hair loss problem in Bangladesh or any other country or state is all same in the context of genetic factor, but the situation cause may differ from one geographical location to another. Therefore, it is important to know the secondary factor causes baldness/hair loss in Bangladesh.

In this article, we are explaining the cause of hair loss in Bangladesh due to conditional Factors is as follows: –

Polluted Water: Bangladeshi’s people don’t get pure water as the practice of wastage in the nearby reservoir is a common practice over there. The hair goes through several steps before making it available for daily use. Thus, in this process, various chemicals are used for treating them and the water supplied at home are the mixture of these hazardous chemicals. The chemically treated water makes them hard and not good for hair health.
Stressful Life: Stress is a universal problem and it is not just limited to one state, geographical location, boundary or country. But, the stressful life affects women more than men and the results appear with the hair loss problem. The stress is a disrupted mental state that causes irregular hormonal flow in the body presents the case of hair thinning and severe hair loss predominantly. Therefore, it is needed to go through the medical or surgical option to restore the natural hair back.
Anagen Effluvium: The Anagen effluvium is the condition in which hair stops the growing process despite being in the growth phase. However, hair shedding starts at growth phase (Anagen) of the hair growth cycle. It may lead to diffuse non-scarring alopecia. This is the pathologic loss of growth cycle occurs mainly due to chemotherapy, toxins, certain drug, radiations, an autoimmune disorder, and infections that interrupt the hair growth cycle.

Hair Transplant in India in the context of cost and Reliable Service

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